Personal somatic coaching sessions for women according to the pantarei approach and grinberg method.

Embrace your creativity
and your own unique path.

Being creative means daring to put your heart into something.  It also means facing potential rejection and dealing with distractions like opinions, comparison and self-doubt. Sometimes this even gets into the way of experiencing joy around what you loved doing at first. You might even start feeling disconnected to your passion or believe you don’t have one.
Through the body mind connection you can not only find a way to reconnect with what you love you get a powerful tool to generate new ideas for your project or life and gain clarity in what to pursue. You create your life on your own terms and most importantly, keep the joy in the process. 

Expand into your self-confidence.

Past painful experiences or beliefs from others we took on as our own can create blocks and insecurities that can feel very real. This causes us to disconnect from our own power. As a result we loose our confidence,  joy, get lost in thoughts, feel anxious, might even end up not doing certain things we actually love at all. It can even create  chronic physical pain.

When your mind and body are on the same page you feel connected to your resources and your own voice. You will start to think and act more in tune with what feels good for you and your path. Because of this you will most likely get different results in your life ( be it reaching a certain goal, having more fulfilled relationships, feel better in your own skin, or find relief from a chronic condition as in anxiety or physical pain.). This will create a constructive circle and increase your overall well-being and self-confidence

High sensitivity as a strength
healthy boundaries and self -trust

When you are a highly sensitive person you might struggle with things like overstimulation, losing yourself in others as in ending up feeling them more than yourself. Or you might feel insecure when it comes to hearing and expressing your own voice.
Learn to feel and set healthy boundaries.
Recover more quickly after overstimulation and connect to your own unique path.

One on one somatic coaching sessions for women according to the pantarei approach and Grinberg method.

How does a bodywork (somatic coaching) session work?

1. Each session begins with a conversation where we discuss the situation or (physical) state in your life you would like to explore / in which you would like to grow.

2. Then we connect your body experience to the conversation. We increase the attention to your body in relation to the discussed situation. We do this by a combination of direct touch on a massage table, verbal guidance and movement.

3. Through this holistic approach, (We look at the body mind connection) You gain more clarity, it becomes easier to "digest" certain situations from your past and will be able to release old blocks. You will find new ways of being that strengthen your individual path. We work under the assumption that everything you need is already in you / in your body. By connecting to your body you will get more and more in touch with your natural strengths and desires.
"...Maike combines her Bodywork training with her experience as an actor. Together this makes makes for a powerful combination as a healer. ... Heartfelt thanks!xx" - Frankie
die Welle reiten. Erlaube deine Gefühle. Reduziere Stress und Angst. Und bekomme mehr Selbstvertrauen.

common questions

Bodywork /somatic coaching is process oriented. Just like you are unique, your process is unique as well. One session can already help you to „digest“ a certain situation. For long term results however, it is advised to take at least 4 Sessions over a period of max. 1 month. In most cases you will notice a difference after 4 Sessions.

A session takes 60 or 90 min.

For an appointment or further questions just email me at

60 min sessions

1  session  85,-
4 sessions 320,-  (valid 6 months)
10 sessions 810,- valid (10 months)


90 min sessions


1  session   99,-
4 sessions  370,- valid 6 months
10 Termine 900,- valid 10 months

For packages :

To be able to benefit from the discount for multiple sessions payments must be made at the beginning of the process. Packages of multiple sessions are non-transferable to others.

Somatic Coaching sessions are different than therapy forms that are purely verbal or purely physical. The best way to know is to try.
If you have any questions about if this approach is right for you at this time just email me at 

Sessions usually take place at Greifswalder Str 208 10405 Berlin Prenzlauer berg. in the spaces of „Here & now“.

Sessions can also be received online from the comfort of your own home.